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Eivind Eivind3 months ago
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1 - Server Gameplay Rules


1.1 - Inappropriate usernames/skins

Any username or skin deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be banned from the server until the offending username and/or skin has been changed to a more appropriate one.


1.2 - Use of illegal clients or mods (Cheating)

Any client/mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage is illegal.
The use of illegal clients or mods is s...

Eivind Eivind3 months ago
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Are mods allowed?

A general rule of thumb to use when installing mods is that we allow most mods that do not give an unfair advantage to the user and are not used to violate any of Clustercraft's rules. The following are some examples of allowed mods. In general, similar mods are allowed, but it is recommended you ask a member of the staff before using any mod which does not appear on this list.



Chat Mods:

Mods like Labymod, 5zig, Twitch Integration, Macros, and Tabbychat, which allow the player to make better use of chat.

Mods of these kinds are allowed, but wi...