Ban / Mute Appeal Format
Started by eivind239

Ban / Mute Appeal Format


If you have been temporarily banned, permanently banned, or muted you can appeal it here.

To appeal any of the things stated above you will be required to use the following format.




What is your IGN: 


What were you banned or muted for? (Ban or Mute Message):


What was the date and time of your ban:


Why do you feel that you should be unbanned or unmuted:


Do you admit to the ban or mute reason provided:


Could you provide a screenshot of your ban screen (If Applicable):




Please note it does take time for a response on an appeal.

Appeals that do not follow this format will be automatically denied.

Please copy and paste the above format and post a thread in "Appeals".

If your Ban Appeal has been denied, you are allowed to re-apply after 4 weeks.

We wish you the best of luck on your appeal!

About 1 year ago